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"Your Natural Medicine Cabinet is spot on with the most effective natural remedies that will help to heal and soothe everyday ailments. Having worked with one of Burke’s mentors many years ago, I can now understand why she is so accomplished at arriving at the correct remedy for so many issues. This is one gem of a book that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to all drug-free solution seekers."

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, New York Times bestselling author of 30 books on health and healing

"A super user-friendly introduction to the best and safest natural remedies that should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet . . . and how to use them to treat the most frequently experienced ailments. Full of good, practical information along with compelling personal stories. This book should be in every home!"

Dana Ullman, MPH, author of 10 books on natural and homeopathic medicine

"This treasure trove of practical remedies is so well-written and under-standable that it will appeal to a wide audience. Lennihan’s years of experience and her knowledge of the literature that evaluates holistic approaches makes this a perfect addition to one’s home library."

Judy Norsigian, bestselling author of Our Bodies, Ourselves

"This valuable book makes it easy and enjoyable to find what you need to heal yourself naturally."

Peggy Huddleston, author of Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster: A Guide of Mind-Body Techniques

"What bursts with common sense, vital information and is a comfort to have nearby? The answer is Burke Lennihan’s splendid reference, Your Natural Medicine Cabinet. Hand it to your patients, they will be forever grateful. They will reach for it when a stomach aches, a kidney stone develops, nerves frazzle or any of dozens of other ailments crop up. This indispensable guide may spare them or their child a visit to the doctor or a trip to the hospital. Cheerfully crammed with practical tidbits of natural healing lore, Your Natural Medicine Cabinet belongs in every home."

Jerry Kantor, LicAc, CCH, Director, Vital Force Health Care, Teaching Associate, Department of Anaesthesiology, Harvard Medical School, and author, Interpreting Chronic Illness: The Convergence of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Biomedicine

"Your Natural Medicine Cabinet has quickly become our top recommendation, the ‘go-to book’ for folks who want to know more about healing themselves. Packed with information running the gamut from a quick fix for small problems to longer-term use of supplements for all kinds of conditions, this book is a very enjoyable read. As a certified nutritionist and the owner of a health food store for nearly 40 years, I am truly impressed with Burke Lennihan’s book and recommend it to our customers for the quick, easy-to-access, and vital information she puts out for her readers."

Elizabeth Stagl, CN, MS NutSci, co-owner of Cambridge Naturals, Cambridge, Mass.

"A tried-and-true natural medicine expert has pulled together a wealth of information anyone can easily understand and implement. This book is a treasure of resources you will be glad you have when illness strikes or you just want to be the healthiest you can be."

June Riedlinger Shibley, RPh, PharmD, ND, former director of the Center for Integrative Therapies in Pharmaceutical Care, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences