Gentle Winter Remedies for Babies and Children

In my practice, babies and children love sucking on tiny sweet tablets called “tissue salts” or “cell salts”, which are essential minerals prepared with an extra boost of homeopathic energy. I call one of them “Nip It in the Bud” because you can take it before you get sick, to ward off colds and flu. These twelve tissue salts are gentle yet powerful remedies that have been used for generations but almost totally forgotten in an the age of antibiotics.

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School Shootings – Natural Remedies for Traumatized Kids

Natural remedies for kids who are traumatized – kids who can’t sleep, or are having nightmares, or afraid to go to school – can work for times when talk is not enough. We don’t want to overmedicate our kids, but when kids are too frightened to function, these natural homeopathic medicines can provide some support.

Rescue Remedy, a blend of five flower essences, is a universal stress-reliever for any kind of trauma. It’s mild enough to be safe for kids of any age, yet it’s often strong enough to relieve anxiety and fears. It usually comes in an alcohol base, so I would not drop it directly into a child’s mouth. You could dissolve a few drops in a little water and have kids sip it; rub it on their temples or wrists; put a dropperful in their bathwater; or buy the lozenge form.

This was adaped from Burke Lennihan’s Your Natural Medicine Cabinet: A Practical Guide to Drug-Free Remedies for Common Ailments and may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes with attribution and a backlink to this site.

Calms Forte is another universally-useful remedy: a blend of several homeopathic remedies and nervous-system-soothing minerals. Anyone in the family can use it to calm anxieties by day and get to sleep at night.

Sometimes, though, you’ll get better results with a specific homeopathic remedy targeted to individual symptoms. All the products mentioned here are easily available in health food stores or online and are safe for kids (and of course I have no financial interest in any products I recommend).

Argentum nitricum has been called the “what if” remedy, as in “What if this happens? What if that happens?” Kids might be imagining all kinds of scary scenarios. When they need Argentum, they may create especially unlikely scenarios, and they may be impulsively drawn to reckless actions. Argentum is an especially good match if they have the typical physical symptoms of rumbly intestinal gas, diarrhea, sore throat and/or hoarseness.

Calcarea carbonica (or “Calc carb” for short) is a great remedy for kids who are sturdy, stalwart and robust physically (sometimes even pudgy), kids who may be deliberate and even slow in their actions but hard to budge once embarked on something. These kids may have “bowling ball heads”, sweat on their heads, and be slow at everything from teething to walking; yet they usually have great perseverance and stamina. They like the comforts of home, being close to mom, and eating lots of carbs. In the homeopathic literature, kids of this (very common) type are known to ask a lot of questions about death, God and the afterlife. If you have a child of this type who seems especially rattled by the recent tragedy, Calc. carb. is likely to have a calming and strengthening effect.

Stramonium is a kind of “extra strength” remedy for kids who are really frightened, typically with nightmares or night terrors (in which the child looks awake but is unresponsive). These kids are much more afraid of the dark, monsters, and big black dogs than most kids. (A normally phlegmatic Calc. carb. child can turn into a shaky Stramonium child when really frightened.) If you think your child needs this remedy, try giving a pellet of the 30c potency just once before bed, at most two nights in a row, and if you don’t see improvement, please take your child to a professional homeopath. This Stramonium terror state needs to be taken seriously before it turns into symptoms like tics, cramps or stuttering.

For Argentum nitricum and Calc. carb. you can also give a pellet daily of the 30c potency. Kids like dissolving remedies in their mouth as they taste like tiny candies. If you don’t see results in a week, consider taking your child to a professional homeopath. These remedies are not harmful if you keep giving them, but you would be missing out on a chance to find a remedy tailor-made for your child, one that you could use over and over in the coming years to support your child in times of extra stress.


Marathons and Beyond: Secrets of the Super Runners

Arnica is well known for sports injuries, so I’ll try to share some less well-known remedy tips, plus some practical advice for running marathons. (Did you know that Arnica can be used preventively? A couple of pellets of Arnica 30c before a marathon or other intense workout can help prevent muscle soreness and fatigue. To use any remedy preventively, you want to take it close to the time when your body needs it.)

Beyond Arnica. Sarcolactic acid–the lactic acid found in muscles that builds up during exercise and causes soreness and stiffness–can be a great example of “like cures like” in action. Homeopathically-prepared Sarcolactic acid seems to drive lactic acid out of the muscles, Continue reading

Flu Fighters: Fend Off Flu with Fast-Acting Natural Medicines

Fearful of the flu? My clients are feeling pressured by the media drumroll to get their flu shots, but the better-informed among them are concerned about the mercury in the shots and fact that they’re only about 60% effective, according to mainstream medical sources. You can do better than that with safe and effective natural medicines. Chances are you haven’t even heard of some of these “flu busters” because they’re so inexpensive that there’s no budget for ads on TV.

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How to Get the Best Results with Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies are natural medicines that can often work better and faster than conventional ones; medicines that are safe, non-habit forming, without side effects, that do not cause allergic reactions, and are widely available in health food stores and some pharmacies, typically for less than $10 for many doses. These natural medicines, called homeopathic remedies, need to be used according to their own special principles for best results.

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Top Ten Remedies for Your Natural Medicine Cabinet

Wouldn’t you like to have some natural medicines on hand for family emergencies — ones that tend to be safer and work even better than the conventional ones? Here are the ones that I recommend for everyone to have on hand.

Arnica for bumps, bruises, black eyes, sore muscles, sports injuries, sprains and strains, any time there has been soft tissue trauma. It should also be used immediately for a head injury, possible concussion (after calling 911 if indicated).

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Emotional First Aid with Fast-Acting Natural Medicines

Let’s say you get a sudden shock (almost hit by a car) or bad news (your teenager in a car accident) or grief (unexpected death in the family). These sudden emotional shocks often bring physical symptoms including rapid heart rate, hyperventilating, a lump in the throat, insomnia, or feeling totally drained of energy. When they do, you can use fast-acting natural medicines called homeopathy.

Homeopathic medicines are an ideal way to treat emotional trauma, better than conventional psych meds for many reasons: Continue reading